Working in teams could be effective and fun if only…

Constantly we are working together with more and more people in more and more places. Team diversity increases, real face to face interactions decrease. We work with people from and in different countries, time-zones, cultures and in different languages. We are communicating through many different channels and devices often also outside regular office hours. This asks a lot from us! The market is flooded with ever new innovations on collaboration. Online tools, workshops and trainings.

Pressure increases and it becomes even more difficult to keep track and a good overview of our work and the people we collaborate with. To deal with these rapid changes and to make collaborating in this vast net effectively possible, an ever growing number of smart ideas has been developed. Impressive promises are being made and it is hard to tell what works and what doesn’t.

Learning & the next step

The big amount of tools and methods that are supposed to make our lives easier show how badly we feel the urge to improve the way we work together with others. But how can we actually do this?

We believe that the best learnings and improvements happen with fun and interaction. That is why we at Future of Organizations Camp use innovative ways of bringing people together which are result-driven and at the same time offer space for play, spontaneity and the things that are really important to the special mix of people being present.

It’s about making best use of the collaboration tools that are already implemented, identifying why they might not hold their promises and how to change this. But also to meet others tackling the efficiency gap in the 21st century working life from different angles and co-create new concepts & approaches to teamwork.

#FOOC216 offers a limited amount of seats to this unique event on “How to design human collaboration on- and offline”. To share experiences, learn together and co-create next steps to improve teamwork on July 1. / 2. In the Thinking Hut Amsterdam