During the Let’s Cowork Week we are trying something new! We have never done this before and we love your assistance.

The Let’s Cowork Week is a week where we invite international guests to experience the S2m coworking style. This means they will work in the lounge, we offer events and they can organise their own workshops or events. For one week we will be an even more international hub than we already are 😉

Couchsurfing Seats2meet Style

We think that the best addition to the week is that the guests can have a truly Dutch experience. Staying with a Dutch family or in a house in Utrecht would make their experience complete!

That is why we want to offer accommodations for the international coworkers at our regular coworkers. So do you have a bed/room/house available from 15 – 19th of July and are you up for a real international week, we welcome you to share your place!

Why you want to share your bed!

  • you’ll have an amazing experience to connect internationally
  • you’ll have the opportunity to become friends for life 😉
  • you’ll definitely have a place to stay abroad
  • compensation is a possibility to explore 🙂
  • you’ll share more than knowledge
  • you’ll become part of an international network
  • you show that we have the greatest co-working place in the world

Want to know more? Please contact Lenneke van Rossum or list your place in this document.


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