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TIS.tv is an international video platform on social and technological innovation. We share and create the best videos in a great number of categories, varying from sustainable energy to artificial intelligence, from blockchain to smart cities. TIS.tv offers close to 2200 videos, an international audience from more than 190 countries and a growing community of people who actively contribute by uploading, sharing and upvoting videos. We put innovators in the spotlights, are a source of innovation and reflection and offer a place for encounters and collaboration.

5 Top Videos on Space and Innovation

TIS Picks: 5 Top Space Videos

It’s been almost 50 year since the words ‘That’s one small step for a man, a huge leap for mankind’ were spoken. These images from the past summon the same thrilling...
Judith Joan Walker - Sustainable And Safe Cooking Solutions In Africa

Expert Selection: Sustainable And Safe Cooking Solutions In Africa

Judith Joan Walker Judith Joan Walker is the Director of Operations for African Clean Energy (ACE), which manufactures clean energy products including the ACE 1 Solar Biomass Cookstove. ACE is proving new...
More about Robots, Artificial Intelligence and innovation

More About: Robots and Artificial Intelligence

Both in the physical and the digital world, more and more is done by robots and AI’s. Be amazed by what they already can do and surprised by what they will...
5 Top Videos on Design and Innovation

TIS Picks: 5 Top Design Videos

Not a typical month at TIS HQ. Normally we have a clearly defined topic, such as Robots or Sports, but this month we featured Design. You can see how this resulted...
Nico Delleman - Reinventing Sports

Expert Selection: Reinventing Sports

Nico Delleman Nico Delleman completed a doctoral degree in Human Movement Sciences at the VU University Amsterdam. After his career at the independent organization for applied scientific research, TNO, he worked on...
More about Blockchain and innovation

More About: Blockchain

The disruptive power of Blockchain technology The first mention of Blockchain technology dates back to the end of 2008 when the unknown individual Satoshi Nakamoto published the paper ‘Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic...
5 Top Videos on Health & Innovation

TIS Picks: 5 Top Health Videos

Healthcare is affected heavily by several major trends: budget cuts in the overall healthcare sector, an ageing population and a growing shortage of carers. Although all of these are quite negative...
More about Drones and innovation

More About: Drones

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No, It’s Just A Drone! A drone or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a flying vehicle without a human pilot on board. They are controlled...
5 Top Videos on Education and Innovation

TIS Picks: 5 Top Education Videos

Kids can study online, are taught by robots or become teachers themselves; will teachers become obsolete in the coming decades? Education of all kinds of levels is going digital and global....
The Top 12 Innovation Videos Of 2016

TIS Picks: The 12 Best Innovation Videos of 2016

We’re happy to share our pick of The Best of TIS 2016— the top 12 videos in innovations that happened last year. We have reviewed all monthly themes we explored over...


Interview with Rehema Nsanyiwa from GirlBe

Serendipity, the magic of unexpected encounters, can happen anywhere. This week it happened to me on Facebook, when my colleague and friend Lenneke tagged...


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