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Get to know what is going on in the Serendipitous Spots and check-in!

Checking in at Neude

If you downloaded the Serendipity Machine app you might have notice that beyond being able to check in and getting connected in S2M locations, you can also check in in public...

LIFTOFF! The Serendipity Machine is out

Today we launch the Serendipity Machine app on its beta version in google play. You might wonder what is Serendipity and what do you have to do with it. Is it...

How to make serendipity find you

The ones who truly know the meaning of serendipity also know that serendipity can not be chased. It finds you by its own. So how could Seats2meet have designed a Serendipity...


S2M Welcomes Flint

2018 barely started and we are on cloud 9. In the last weeks, we have welcomed UtrechtInc to join the ecosystem and now the newest...

Robot Love


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