One year ago Seats2meet went officially international and updated its software to be use anywhere where people in gather. In that time seats2meet began being using in schools, libraries, coffee places, corporate offices and even supermarkets in 22 countries.

During this year we had help from a lot of people who are fans and enthusiasts of the S2M concept. We call them the ambassador. They are an essential part of the team and for the growth of seats2meet and help in countless ways. Here are some of them.


Social media is a huge way of connecting, especially when we are talking about worldwide levels. Just by sharing our concept on social media we get a lot of traction and more people getting to know and engage in our concept. Just one click can be very relevant! So be sure to share what you thing is interesting and what made YOU be a fan of the Seats2meet concept.

Writing about it

What is the next step on sharing our content? Creating your own! In that way your friends have a more personal view on why you like the seats2meet concept and how they can use it. In different cultures we work in different ways, consequently what we experience in the Netherlands will be different in other countries. This is the reason why we want to know and you to write about how you think the S2M concept fits and helps your own country. If you do, let us know and we will share it in our social media as well. 🙂

Unlocking locations

This one may sounds a little complicated. It’s not. I guarantee. For you to unlock a location where you think the S2M concept fits in your own country, you just have to access the cool workspaces and drop the pin! It would also be helpful if you could talk to the management beforehand and explain the concept. If not be sure we will do our best to do it.

Presence in events

Do you know any cool events about innovation, coworking or sharing economy? It may be a good idea to show yourself and bring S2M with you. If you have something in mind reach out to us and we will give all support we can.

Connecting people to us

Do you know anyone who would be HAS to get to know us? Don’t be shy! Introduce us. We live and work for connecting people and we like when people connect us as well. Also, you don’t have to introduce people that need to meet US, introduce us to people whom WE have to meet.

Getting more ambassadors

Sometimes there are people who are already ambassadors of our concept and we don’t even know! If you know someone who has been speaking about us let them know that they can be an ambassador and lt us know as well. Most of all, if you know someone looking for an innovative concept on how to use abundance and spaces introduce them to the concept.

Pop up locations

Now those ones are fun! We have had pop up location in Tennis tournaments, train stations, in the middle of Berlin and a shopping malls. But truth is that the possibilities are infinite. Think of everywhere where people gather; festivals, conferences, airports, Paulista avenue during Sundays (paulistas will get it), you name it! Let us know where you think a pop up S2M location would be good and do it!

Bring a friend

Do you have a friend who could spend a day working at S2M? Just invite him to work in your favourite location for a day. As simple as that.

Ok, so finally after I’ve said a thousand times to let us know. You can let us know by sending an e-mail to If you are interested in becoming an ambassador and getting more information about seats2meet you can click here. 



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