The changing society is forcing shopping malls to change along with it. Among others, the rise of online shopping and the fact that the distinction between work and private life is fading. The Seats2meet Connect platform provides the opportunity to reduce vacant shops by transforming them into a meeting place where local entrepreneurs come together to work and create new ,value not only for them but for the shopping center as well.
“Awesome concept @s2mberlin meet people do business for free.” –Tweet by Patrick Fernandes, Coworker Seats2meet Boulevard Berlin Boulevard Berlin
By combining the organization of different events and offering free coworkspaces to local self employed professionals, we are transforming the experience people are having in the shoppingmall. By offering this completely new experience, we are not only creating ambassadors for our coworklocation, but for the shopping mall as well. Coworkers are telling their friends about this totally new experience where work and private life are merging, bringing more people to our location and the shopping mall.
Seats2meet Pop-up workspace @ Hoog Catharijne
With our Pop-up location in the middle of the Hoog Catharijne shopping centre, we offer self employed professionals a unique location to work. The vast amount of traffic (on average 30 million persons per year) gives them the opportunity to test their ideas and engage with
shoppers. By doing so, the shopper is experiencing a totally new way of shopping and we are helping coworkers grow.
“How cool! Working betweestores #s2mpopup for @bvzutrecht. Come stop by.”Tweet by Maurits Riton, Co-worker at the S2M Pop up


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