Are you also a fan of the peace and tranquility of nature? Do you think it is important that the area outside the city can remain economically basting without the full landscape is filled with megasheds or greenhouses?

Seats4silence connects and promotes small-scale entrepreneurs in the countryside, which offer facilities for meeting and conferencing. The entrepreneurs also ensure that the landscape remains beautiful. The green is their business card that makes people feel at home and work relaxed.


By the platform Seats4silence these outdoor locations are easy to find online! Seats4silence has a website with for anyone looking for an inspiring place in nature to work or meet. Seats4silence also organizes networking meetings where the outside entrepreneurs exchange ideas. Along with green locations and users Seats4silence has a good foundation.

Seats4silence is proud to be part of the S2M ecosystem. as in nature, our netwerk grows stronger when it becomes more divers!

The network must grow in order to function properly. S4S therefore would like to bind more partners and businesses so that more can benefit many more of nature – even during working hours. And we encourage a new economy that contributes to nature conservation in the Netherlands.

We are nominated for The Natuurprijs 2016 

Like us on facebook – we reinforce the supply and promotion of quiet workplaces in nature. November 3th we know who wins the price.



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