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Everything at is designed to encourage the development of serendipity, a fancy word for meeting people you were not looking for but who could be very useful. Our new mobile app will help you find relevant locations for you to work at with interesting people to meet! The only thing you need to tell us is where you are working on and what your interests are. Our system will give you relevant locations to work at and suggest people you should meet based on the information you gave us.

“One of my old business partners found me at Eindhoven while he was looking at the board and saw Fiber Internet as a knowledge tag. It was great to see him again. Without S2M we wouldn’t have known we were at the same location.” – Jurjen de vries

“I use to see who’s here in the workplace with me. There are all sorts of interesting people here!” – Richard Oosterhof

“ has connected me to a large local network.
With direct results: connections appear in unexpected ways, with potential collaborations in the future!” – Robbert de Vries

Are we making any Progress?

At the moment we are working on the designs and selecting the best development team to complete the task. The complete backbone for the apps with all the API’s that are needed is ready to use. We are at the moment doing some important beta test with a group of users!


It’s easy as 1,2,3 and go! for iPhone and Android

Nowadays, we rely on powerful and inspirational encounters to create value. Encounters that are not just limited to your friends or colleagues, but extend to everyone connected.

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