Due to busy schedules at the end of the year, we narrowed down this Meeting of the Future to 2 hours (instead of 4 hours normally), but that definitely didn’t make it less valuable! Of course we all missed the guys from S2M Strijp-S in Eindhoven, as they were throwing their own great event that day. Always something exciting going on within the S2M Ecosystem! Back to the Meeting of the Future. As usual, Ronald van den Hoff kicked off by sharing the latest information on trends in the markets and society with us.

Structures are becoming fluid

It’s clear by now that we live in a society where structures are slowly becoming more and more fluid. An example. Is Airbnb a hotel chain? It’s not. Is it just a marketplace for home-owners to earn some extra money? No. Airbnb now also starts to offer local services, like guided tours and other complementary services for the tourist who rents through Airbnb. The functionality is called Neighborhoods and is being used to learn more about what’s going on in a particular area of a city. So not just rentals anymore, but also tour operator services.

Like Uber now is not only offering taxi rides, but also delivers meals with UberEATS. There are many other examples like this, disrupting the traditional structures. Services are blurring into each other, mobility is key. Of course, S2M is on top of this development. If you can work from anywhere you like, why not also open up your home as a workplace? You can, with S2M for Locals. Apart from it just being a nice way to not work alone and share your knowledge, this is also a great way for refugee status holders to integrate faster within the Dutch society. That’s at least how we see it at S2M!

Tell me a story

As the whole S2M concept is based on sharing knowledge with each other and becoming a stronger ecosystem in a way that we all benefit from it, we zoomed in on storytelling this time. Storytelling is a great tool to make your vision and strategy accessible to others. In other words, to reach and to touch people in their hearts. We found Arianne Wienke from It Starts with A willing to share some of her expertise on this in a mini masterclass.

Arianne took us through three elements: 1. The Power of Storytelling, 2. How to build a Good Story and 3. Ways of Storytelling. She took us back to the time when people were telling each other stories around a campfire. Why stories? Because stories make it easier to remember a message. She explained this by showing us how the brain works when you are told a story.

The power of storytelling is that you take people with you on your journey. You let them in on your vision, on your strategies, on what is important to you. You share your knowledge. As a result, people will get to know you (and your company) a bit better and remember what your challenge is. It will lead to more involvement. All memorable stories are build up of specific elements, like a pattern. Arianne showed us this video about how the story of the movie The Matrix was build up. So… have a message to share, any message? Tell me a story! Arianne rounded up her mini-masterclass with this beautiful ancient saying: Tell me a fact, and I will learn. Tell me the truth, and I will believe. Tell me a story, and it will live in my heart forever.

P.S. After this session, I have shared a poll by email with participants to ask how you would like to see the Meeting of The Future shaped in 2017. Want to share your opinion as well? You can still answer the questions here.

Want to learn more on Society 3.0 and download the book of Ronald van den Hoff, co-founder of Seats2meet? Click here.


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