At Seats2Meet.com, we believe that coworking is all about connectivity, co-creation and expanding your networks. As active members of the co-working community, we participated in various events, conferences, and meetups, where we shared our knowledge and connected to coworkers around the world.

At the end of each event, we say that we should meet more often, however, all of us are busy with our lives, making it difficult. That’s why we came up with an idea of the Co-Working Week. Throughout 5 days, we invite you to come together to Seats2Meet hometown Utrecht to work on your projects, participate in various workshops, organize your own, network and explore our beautiful city in the evenings.

Seats2Meet core values – “Connect, Collaborate, Grow”, and we hope that throughout the week you will be able to connect with like-minded co-workers, share your ideas and learn in one of the numerous workshops.

We facilitate connectedness not just by providing a physical space for co-workers, but also with the matching algorithm of Seats2Meet Passport. During the event, you will be able to experience it first hand! Once you are logged in to our system, the passport will match you to the relevant people around you, as well as articles and events. This way we will make sure that all the events of the week are not just announced but also most relevant for you!


From Monday, July 15th, until Friday, July 19th, 2019


You can join the event by creating your Seats2Meet Passport. After that, you can book your seats for every day of the week in the ecosystem at Seats2Meet.com CS. Participation is free!

The founding father of Seats2Meet.com and Society 3.0 Ronald Van Den Hoff will be a keynote speaker, presenting the vision behind Seats2Meet.com and the way he sees the future of co-working.

Are you interested to organize a workshop, event, discussion or presentation yourself? We will be happy to give you a stage in one of our amazing locations in Utrecht. Send an email with details of your event to lenneke@seats2meet.com.


The event will take place on Seats2Meet.com Central Station in Utrecht.

By public transport / walking:
From Utrecht Central Station, walk towards Hoog Catharijne shopping center. At the front-end of the station, first go left via the new Stationsplein (Station Square). You can then enter Hoog Catherijne through the sliding doors to the right. Go straight ahead and keep walking until you reach the end of the shopping area. You will find the entrance of Seats2meet to the left of the Albert Heijn supermarket. A restaurant with terrace is located to the right. Ring the bell and take the stairs or lift to the 2nd floor. On the digital information boards on Hoog Catharijne you can also find Seats2meet.com Utrecht CS on the map.

By car:
For your navigation system, use the address: Spoorstraat 22, 3511 EM, Utrecht.
With this link you can pre-book your parking space in one of the parking garages, this will allow you to park for a very advantageous rate.

WTF is an API?

Working close with two web developers I often hear words I can't even pronounce. Call me crazy but with the term API, I thought they were talking about my favorite type of beer (IPA)......

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Na vieren. Seats2meet Utrecht CS. Ik ben binnen. Dan Ides. Iets later. En het eerste dat mij ter ore komt is alweer een nieuw idee: een maandelijks terugkerende Social Friday!

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