Users can book your workspace, but how can you know for sure they are there? Or how can users that just walked in your location without a booking check-in? For that we have the S2M Check-in system.

Why use it

  • We ask each user what is their focus today. You can see that data in your location dashboard and use it to make more relevant events and connections. Also, the users will get better matches based on their daily focus.
  • Make new visitors become new users. When a new user gets in your location they can create a S2M profile in the check-in system, so you acquired a new user!
  • People going to meeting spaces can also check-in their meetings. This helps connecting the people in flexible workspaces with people in meeting spaces.

How To

  1. Order any tablet e.g. Ipad 
  2. Set up the Ipad in your reception and open the URL The password will be the ID of your location. e.g. if your location’s ID is 1 your password will be 00001.

You can see the check-in system in action in the video below.


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