Guide for Bloggers

You’ve been invited to write for the Magazine!

Now what? invites experts in the field of meetings, events, co-working, sharing economy and anything else that happens in our locations to share their knowledge, and to help improve the experience and transformation of our guests. These four easy steps will help you finding your way in our magazine, and make your first post perfect!

Step 1

You will receive your login information via email. Please log in via

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Step 2

Pimp your profile. Be sure to visit your profile section in the wordpress environment, and complete it. You can edit your profile by clicking on your profile image on the top right of after you are logged in.

  • Please add your profile image
  • Please fill in your biographical profile
  • If you like you can add your website and social accounts, so your readers can connect to you.

Step 3

Write your post, you’ve probably discussed the topic with your local operator.

Schermafdruk 2016-02-11 14.31.27You are invited to add a link or a reference to your product or service, but please do not spam the readers with it. These blogs are meant to add value to the experience of the S2M network, not for direct sales of your product. If people react and connect to you after this post, of course we hope this may lead to new business for your company!

Basically you have to fill in four things:

  • The title of your post
  • The post itself
  • A featured image, which will appear above the post
  • Some tags that summarizes your post. Via this tags we can bring your post to relevant others.

Please make sure your images aren’t protected from (re)posting! Make sure there is no copyright on the image.

Step 4

Submit for review: We will now review the post, and approve it or send back the draft. Good luck, and many thanks for helping us create a great magazine! If you have any questions please ask! Use beatriz at seats2meet dot com