How the serendipity machine helps us connect an eco-system, and why your office should...

I still remember how it started. After numerous attempts and ideas to have some kind of online community platform for our very first location, things got out of hand. It...

Collaboration and sharing as a operator. is a business concept fit for the future. A future as described by me in my book creates a new commercial playing field, where traditional organizations can work together with the rising class of the Knowmads (did you read already my chapter in this book The business model brings back the balance between social- and monetary capital, making it a disruptive and sustainable affair.

Zo organiseer je het perfecte event

Waarvoor moet men naar jouw event komen. Dat is vaak lastiger te verwoorden dan je denkt. We hebben met veel coaches veel getest in verschillende verhalen en pakkende titels. Een voorbeeld van een gratis workshop die we op 3 manieren hebben aangeboden.

Seats2Meet – it takes more than meeting your seat

t was way back in 2008 when I first entered a Seats2meet location. It was by coincidence, because my publisher considered it a wise idea to book a meeting room at S2M Utrecht, for the presentation of my book ‘Kracht zonder Macht’ (‘Power without Force?’). Seats2meet was a Wow experience.


5 Healthy Habits for Remote Workers

Remote work is fast becoming the new normal with 68% of Millennials saying that this setup would increase their interest in employers. In fact, the 2019 Remote...


Werkplek van de week – 2

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