For the first time ever in the coworking europe conference there were awards. One in the category design and one in community action. The jury? Everyone who went to the conference. More than 50 coworking related initiatives applied and on Tuesday the 2 winners were announced.

On community award the winner was Smart Office, from Belgrade, Serbia. The community initiative was called Refugee Fundraiser Quiz Night – they hosted a quiz night with their coworkers so they could have a good time bonding and fundraising at the same time. The participants could donate clothing, hygiene items, food and water, plastic bags for packing, baby products, blankets and other items. The result? Collecting of the money provided 100 meals for refugees and the Smart Office is now a place not only for working, but also philanthropy. A round of applause to Miroslav Mijatov and the whole Smart Office crew for the awesome initiative!

Now to the best design award! The great winner was KantoorKaravaan, which we already spoke about here. The Dutch initiative is all about going back to the nature. They remade caravans so they can serve as an office for coworkers that seek for the connection to nature. Some of them are designed for a quiet and focused day at work and others for a collaborative meeting. Another great point about KantoorKaravaan is that they can go anywhere! During the summer they move around in the Netherlands and right now they are in a Safari through the rural areas in Spain. They are also in partnership with seats4silence! Way to go, Manon!


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