Yesterday was the first day of the coworking europe conference and we have a lot to share! One of the sessions was what are the advantages of collaborating locally with other coworking spaces. While most compete one guy, Nacho Rodriguez, thought about collaborating and according to him, that’s why his coworking space survived.

2 years ago Nacho opened his coworking space in the Canary Islands, Spain. As he said in the his talk he didn’t know much about coworking so had some unorthodox methods on how to start. That didn’t really work. It started working when he connected to other coworking spaces around him and together figured out what could work for their market.

Once they realised that together they were stronger, they started the ACEO – Canary Association for Collaborative Espaces. Together they are making the Canary Islands the place to be for digital nomads. Being in a place that is not in the map for workers is becoming and advantage now. Until a while ago only countries as Thailand were taking advantage of that, but now there are spaces in Europe as well.

What digital nomads are usually looking for is a good connection, cheap living costs and an inspiring place to be. Could be the beach, mountains or an historical city. The ACEO is nailing it by marketing the canary island with all those atributes in Europe. Other spaces are doing the same as the balkans, and it could be used as an advantage for rural spaces in other countries as well, as the seats4silence in the Netherlands.

In big cities connecting coworking spaces has been showing results as well. Taylor Tran from innovation Melbourne, in Australia, also got the coworking spaces in Melbourne to get together and collaborate. He already put communities behind him and is talking ecosystem. What he created with the spaces locally was a guide with tips for coworking spaces and they exchange knowledge to empower each other and make the whole coworking market grow locally. In that way, if the market grows, all the coworking places grow with it.


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