Daring Greatly: Vulnerability as a tool to create your best #s2m day ever!

Today was a busy, but not 'a great day' . A day whereafter you come home and think 'Holy shit , today so much happend , I've met so many great people , and they're all doing great and inspiring things. Today was "I have to go home to scan my invoices after I carried chairs and tables around, had a 5 minutes lunch while reading the same mails for the 5th time' .... I have avoided social contact , even during the five conversations I 've had today today : (

Seats2Meet – it takes more than meeting your seat

t was way back in 2008 when I first entered a Seats2meet location. It was by coincidence, because my publisher considered it a wise idea to book a meeting room at S2M Utrecht, for the presentation of my book ‘Kracht zonder Macht’ (‘Power without Force?’). Seats2meet was a Wow experience.

Welcome to the magazine

Shivers run down my spine when a new trainee welcomes one of our guests at any Seats2meet.com location i've been operating in the past couple of years. We need to have a word... And then the fun starts.


Nice2meet: Nick van Breda and Fionna Faulk, co-founders of Startup Impact...

Could you please introduce yourself? Nick van Breda:  Nick van Breda (28), ex game addict turned into a Serial entrepreneur, involved in various startup projects...
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