The last couple of weeks we worked hard on the first version of Seats2meet for events. This minimum viable product is the next step seats2meet takes in the event market. After a successful registration software we thought we had to come up with something that is closer to our core activity: Connecting people. We now created a serendipity machine for events. This means that you can check in at an event of your choice and automatically get matched with other relevant people. Our algorithms are working hard to give you the best event experience possible.

This weekend our first pilot event starts, one of the largest coworking conferences in Asia, CU ASIA has the courage to try our software for the first time. Off course we tested it hard so they are also honored to be the first one using it.

The next couple of months we are launching more pilots to build up some user cases. Also the S2M hosts have the exclusive rights to test it for their own events. If you add your event to the event calendar next week a blue button ‘checkin’ will appear. If you click on it you can experience the same as the event participants at CU ASIA will do this weekend.

Below some first impressions!

Naamloos.001 Naamloos.002

Schermafdruk 2016-02-25 15.43.31


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