You might have or might have not noticed that there are some changing going on in the serendipity machine. Now we have a new website, our own blog and ta-dah! A new logo! We would like to share with you the story of our logo, once we think it’s a very nice one! We started like this.

This logo I don’t really know the story, and although it is nice we decided we needed a little change for the times to come. We want to share the process with you. We started with a lot of references. Like a LOT. We first liked that image where 2 lines that doesn’t look like anything when put together form a totally new thing! That’s what serendipity it’s all about.

At the same time serendipity is something that never repeats itself. One encounter is always different from the other and you never know what you can expect from it. That’s when the spots idea came! The spots behind the “S” from Serendipity are never the same! So don’t get attached.

We came up with a few different options of the S and that’s when things really got a lot of fun! Instead of deciding which one it would be inside our 8 people team, we decided to open up on facebook for everyone!

And even though it was a tough race, we have our winner! Meet the new serendipity machine logo!