On October 26th, 2015, we launch the new S2M Platform with a party at Seats2meet.com Utrecht! But there is another reason to celebrate, as we are proud to be a certified B Corp as Seats2meet.com. That is why also dutch, country partner of B Corp Europe for the Benelux, will be present during the event. I asked Merel Hoftijzer from dutch a few questions. 


What is B Corp exactly?

Certified B Corps are a new type of corporations that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. The certification B Corp is for sustainable companies what Faire Trade is to chocolate. B Corp was born in the United States. 


What does a company need to do to become a B Corp? 

Each company needs to go through a tough assessment and is tested in that assessment on sustainability, social involvement and accomplishments. For each part you get points, and it sounds easier than it is to get 80 out of 200 points. The relation with your suppliers will also be checked. For example, you will have a higher score when the bank you have chosen is sustainable as well. The motto is ‘B the Change’.

What does the B stand for?

The B is for benefit. In more than 30 of the United States of America it already is a legal form. You will have PBC added to your company name, which stands for public benefit corporation. Italy is the first country in Europe that already has submitted a legislative proposal. The Netherlands were ahead of all other European countries for a long time when it came to the number of certified B Corps. Mid 2012, more than 50% of the B Corps in Europe were Dutch. By now, the rest of Europe is catching up quickly. Other well known Dutch B Corps are Tony Chocolonely, Triodos Bank, SnappCar and Dopper.


In what way did Seats2meet.com meet the requirements to become a B Corp? 

It is difficult to test the Seats2meet.com business model to an assessment. Not that it cannot be proven scientifically, on the contrary. The business model is just so unique, that some questions in the assessment were not easy to apply.  The fact that Seats2meet.com managed to find a balance between social and monetary capital is very special and of course they have scored really well on social involvement, sustainability and on what they have achieved so far. Seats2meet.com is still part of the founding class of B Corp in Europe. Also in that, Seats2meet.com was ahead of others again. 

During the event on October 26th, we shall get a short introduction and update by Nathan Gilbert of B Lab Europe and a B Talk from Marle van Dessel of Floow2, another B Corp. dutch, that offers projectmanagement for clients that really want to have impact in this fast changing world, is, apart from being the country partner of B Corp Europe for the Benelux, also a B Corp of course! Want to know more? Check www.bcorporation.eu


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