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Hey All, Inuka is a social enterprise on a mission to make effective mental care accessible for everyone. We do this by offering chat based coaching by our certified coaches via our confidential, digital Inuka platform. We, at Inuka, offer a simple mental health coaching program for organizations. All for one set price per employee per year. Here is how we do that: Give people insight into how they are with a 5 minute online wellbeing scan. Scientifically validated to assess your risk level: resilient, at risk or danger- zone. Match people with a personal, InukaMethod certified coach via chat. Available languages: English, French, Dutch, Romanian, Kiswahili, Hindi & Shona. Guide those scored ‘at risk’ towards resilience in sessions with a personal coach trough our confidential chat app. Measure the impact on wellbeing before and after a set of sessions (usually lasting effects are seen after 6 - 8 sessions). For more information, visit: ‪Inuka.io‬ Inuka means 'arise'​ in Kiswahili, an East-African language, and that's exactly what we are about. We offer burnout prevention and mental health coaching programs for companies in Europe (for profit) and individual coaching sessions directly to clients in Kenya and Zimbabwe (not for profit). We always look for ways to amplify our impact and create more awareness around mental wellbeing: feel free reach out to us if you see opportunities!


De kracht van anders

Toen bokslegende Mohammed Ali overleed stond de wereld even stil. Hij was een icoon: werd drie keer wereldkampioen en won het Olympisch goud. Als...
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