Ricardo Cortez Gilbert

Hello everyone! My name is Ricardo. I am a Greek / Ecuadorian based in Amsterdam. Through Seats2Meet I’ve had the opportunity to get acquainted with he world of coworking, by conducting my MBA thesis in a form of consultancy project, to explore the coworking space industry in Greece, and identify opportunities for Seats2Meet to grow in the local market. Please feel free to explore my column at the S2M magazine, where I’m sharing my journey with Seats2Meet, providing to you my insights and thoughts


Fiks hustler hacker hipster

Fiks | Het perfecte StartUp team: hustler, hacker en een hipster

Happy day everyone… 🖐 Tof om te zien dat je hier bent voor deel 2 van onze Building in Public!  Deel 1 nog niet gelezen? Check...
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