I am a multilingual transnational and world and people centric Human Capital Strategist. I have searched for solutions to optimize individual contribution from intrinsically motivated work and better connections from "need solution capability and or opportunity for the past decade and S2M" is the closest and most promising solution I have found to "change the way we work", moving away from the commodity based approach to Human Capital, recruitment and working, to one which celebrates ourselves ours and each others uniqueness and the value we bring to the world, whilst helping others to thrive. "Let's build a thriving world together...!" A concerned passionate World Citizen I write about Change, Talent and Skill Acquisition and growth, Change management, Work shift and world centrism, because Innovation Is driven by driven people able to Fuse Culture CommuniCation Learning and Creativity bred out of Difference….at a higher pace greater frequency and rhythm.


Fiks hustler hacker hipster

Fiks | Het perfecte StartUp team: hustler, hacker en een hipster

Happy day everyone… 🖐 Tof om te zien dat je hier bent voor deel 2 van onze Building in Public!  Deel 1 nog niet gelezen? Check...
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