Jeroen Pliester is a value creator with both a corporate as well as an entrepreneurial background. He worked in international banking and at start-ups always at the crossover of new boundaries, technology and creativity. Interested in and spotting emerging meta-trends. He is inspired by and active in the arts world as well as the creative industry. His aim is to connect different worlds and different people, thus unleashing potential. He is co-founder of 2 ventures that create iconic design products for consumers and for corporates. In addition, Jeroen has board advisory as well as non-executive board roles, in the profit and non-profit industry.


Fiks hustler hacker hipster

Fiks | Het perfecte StartUp team: hustler, hacker en een hipster

Happy day everyone… 🖐 Tof om te zien dat je hier bent voor deel 2 van onze Building in Public!  Deel 1 nog niet gelezen? Check...
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