Entrepreneur, car mechanic, rocket scientist and shaman. Founder of many tribes that were focused on personal and spiritual development. Daan has been part of men’s circles for years and has recently founded a tribe focused on business and online marketing. The group has biweekly meetings and mainly focuses on building a business, yet there is ample space for personal issues and challenges that have an influence on entrepreneurship. This model was supercharging their growth as entrepreneurs and now together with Reinier, Daan has chosen to pass these tools on to others. Tribepreneurs is born in 2017!


Fiks hustler hacker hipster

Fiks | Het perfecte StartUp team: hustler, hacker en een hipster

Happy day everyone… 🖐 Tof om te zien dat je hier bent voor deel 2 van onze Building in Public!  Deel 1 nog niet gelezen? Check...
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