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I am Anique de WIt. My passion is to inspire people to follow their heart. I want to inspire you to make you live more in line with what your soul desires. Most time the soul wants something else than what your mind wants. If that is the case, you can get in touch with unhappiness, depression, burnout, stress, and lots of other things. Most time the society as we know is longing thinks of us that are not our true nature. I try to inspire by writing a blog: www.econiqueontour.blogspot.nl. I am writing about my own life and my way of following my true nature. I am dreaming about a new society where there is more room for living and working from the heart, so we can be the radiant people that we are. Together we can make it! I also create Jewelry, with a very big touch of nature. You can find an impression on www.aniquedewit.blogspot.nl


Coliving – a Creative Solution for Contemporary Problems

Coliving - what is it? While coworking is a term well-known to many, coliving can still raise a few eyebrows. What does it mean exactly...


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