Are you planning to work from home today, and you have another empty chair at the table? Soon you’ll be able to share that space with another independent professional! Today we’re launching the Seats2meet for Locals (formerly known as ‘Chairify’) pilot in Utrecht, the Netherlands. You happen to live close to Utrecht and want to share your desk with someone else? Be sure to sign up for the 3-week pilot! We had a kick off moment this Monday where immediately 4 locations in Utrecht joined (and 5 from other cities) but we are hoping to gather some more locations before we start the second phase of the pilot. The part where you can try S2M for Locals yourself!

Seats2meet for Locals was created with the aim of building a platform for people to share workspaces at their house. Kind of like AirBnB, but then with desks instead of beds!

In order to further facilitate serendipity S2M for Locals is linked to the entire S2M network. The S2M network is an established platform where people connect and share knowledge. We will be able to use our experience with this tool to create the most relevant matches, at your own home! Open your doors for spontaneous serendipity, and join someone for a day at their dining room table!

We’ve been conceptualizing and working on this idea for a while, and now the time has come where we just throw it out there and see what happens. To be able to properly test S2M for Locals, and to easily gain valuable feedback, we’ve decided to initiate a pilot in a small area of the S2M network. We hope that throughout this pilot at least 10 locations in and around Utrecht will join the program, but the more the better, right?

What can people expect if they participate in the pilot?

Throughout the first three weeks of May your workspace in/around Utrecht will be offered as a ‘S2M for Locals’ location in the S2M network. As with the other S2M booking tools people can then book a workspace at your home. We expect some curious first movers to dive in and we would love to hear all about your experiences! Someone from S2M might even drop by from time to time to report on how things are going, so be sure to check the magazine for the newest updates. To conclude the 3-week pilot we’ll set up a general (virtual) feedback session where everyone can share their experiences. This should give us sufficient information to see how to proceed from there!

Are you in Utrecht and would you like to participate? Send a mail to vincent [at]


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